Game of Thrones has never lied to us. It has never even tried to conceal what it truly is; a deep, epic, stunning, breaker of hearts. Right from the beginning it was taking our emotions and stamping on them, and amazingly that’s why we all tuned in. Main characters were dying in every direction and there was nothing we could do about it.

As the show has grown, it now faces a new challenge. It needs to consistently reach the same shock-factor levels, a very tricky task, particularly with such incredible hype enveloping it. I’m entirely at ease leaving the overarching story and grand finale in George R.R. Martin’s hands, as well as David Benioff and D.B. Weiss’, but there are still aspects of the show that shouldn’t be allowed to creep into Season 6.

It’s tough watching major character deaths, it’s not enjoyable watching huge sections of the show, but it all makes for powerful TV. However, there’s a limit to what we can all appreciate. Characters need time to run their course rather than rush to an early grave for some cheap drama. And despite being comfortable letting the ‘powers that be’ control the main story, there are certain things fans simply don’t want to see when Thrones returns in April.

10. Trundling Sam

Sam has left Castle Black. I repeat, Samwell Tarly has left Castle Black. We’re heading into uncharted territory in Season 6 as everyone’s favourite craven heads further south than we’ve seen him before. He could have easily fallen into the trap of being little more than a light-hearted joke, but Sam is so much more. And Gilly alongside him is also an intriguing companion we hope to see more of.

The pair are heading for the opposite end of the continent, to Oldtown, where Sam will train to become a maester, while passing his old home and extremely harsh father who first sent him to the Wall. That’s a potentially excellent storyline, but it could easily turn out to be a trundling, wandering, aimless mess if it’s not skipped or sped up somehow. Sam’s journey simply can’t last the entire season, and if it is, the majority of his travels should be off-screen.

9. Another Boring Brienne Storyline

Brienne is a potentially excellent character in the show and she’s already a book cult-hero. However, if we’re being totally honest, she’s irritating to watch at the moment. Gwendoline Christie nails the character perfectly, but she has been given very little to work with Season 5 saw her as little more than a lookout. She was ineffective, and a waste of screen-time, right up until she ended Stannis outside Winterfell.

I feel like she’s very close to fulfilling her purpose, and when she does, that’ll be the end of her. Killing Stannis avenged Renly’s death, now she just needs to keep her vow to Catelyn and lure Sansa Stark to a safe place. Speaking of whom…

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