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#1- The Mad Queen/Everyone Hates The Lannisters

It looks pretty certain that we will be seeing Cersei turning into a vile and cruel ruler, not overly indifferent to The Mad King (aka Aerys II). This is not just from her liberal use of wildfire but that already her rule seems to be based upon fear and atrocity (“I chose violence”). It’s highly likely that we’ll see her ordering further horrific acts in the wake of her coronation, which despite achieving initial obedience, will only turn more people against her. We’ve already seen an alliance forming between Dorne, The Tyrell’s and the soon-to-be arriving forces of Daenerys. The more acts she commits, the more Houses will join them, and the more people she feels are against her, the further into madness she will slip.

#2- From King Slayer to Queen Slayer

This is based primarily on two factors. The show (and indeed the general storytelling principle) of events coming full circle and history repeating itself, combined of course with the show’s tendency to deliver overwhelmingly soul-destroying tragedy. Let’s start with Jaime’s beginning in the story in killing The Mad King. As it has been examined on a number of occasions, this was not an act of weakness or treachery but of righteousness and heroism as The Mad King was ordering for the whole King’s Landing to be engulfed in wildfire, including its 500,000 strong population. Jaime killed him, not for his own survival but for the greater good. Against all odds and many things we’ve seen Jaime is a good and honourable man as we learned from his time with Brienne. What is the source of all his cruel and evil acts? His duty to his father (now gone) and his love for Cersei.

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