There are only two guarantees in life: death and taxes. In Game of Thrones, your guarantees are halved to: death. It’s inevitable that the second we choose our favorite character, their card has been marked, and George R.R. Martin will stick his pen through them without hesitation.

But while death is inevitable, there are some things in the world of Thrones that simply aren’t that straightforward. There are storylines, incidents, events, and moments that will never make it into the pages of A Song Of Ice And Fire, nor Game of Thrones itself. Quite the opposite to death, these things are inevitably NOT going to happen…

(…which probably means that 10-1 will ALL play out on screen in the name of shock value.)

10. The Books Won’t Finish Before The Show

To you noble book readers who have stuck with A Song Of Ice And Fire, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank you and sorry. George R.R. Martin has been infamously slow in producing the books, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing if the end results are tremendous, it’s still sad that the original book readers won’t get to finish the series in paper form.

The Winds Of Winter is due in 2016 (eventually…) though based on Martin’s writing time-frame, A Dream Of Spring will precisely remain that way for years to come. A dream. This entry is probably stretching the title, but it’s damn true. Sorry, book readers.

9. Theon Won’t Return To Being Theon

Personally, I’d say Theon is too far gone to ever return to his former self. And even if that remarkably does happen, he won’t be the arrogant, cocky Theon we saw strutting into Winterfell with the Ironborn at his side. His days are severely limited, and I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the Season 6 Premiere results in his death.

Reek’s redemption came to a head as he led Sansa to an escape route from Ramsay and the Boltons, and that could be his defining act. If he safely manages to escort the Stark daughter into the arms of Brienne, his task is fulfilled and he can die after salvaging a scrap of dignity. Just don’t expect Theon to be Theon any longer. He’s gone.

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