“SHUT. UP. SAM.” The chorus around the world was deafening. Every TV set blaring out The Walking Dead was being watched by countless millions all shaking their heads at how Jessie managed to give birth to such horrendously annoying children. Be quiet, kid.

Season 6 has entered the agonising mid-season break, though that’s apt for a show which constantly bubbles up to a frenzy before ending storylines without much of a bang. Don’t get me wrong, The Walking Dead has some spectacular moments, but for every jaw-drop of excitement, there’s a jaw-drop of disbelief.

The mid-season finale was a very ‘Walking Dead’ episode, but while there were low points, it was an overall entertaining watch with a few excellent aspects that have us clamouring for more…

10. The Initial Burst Of Action

The panic was real and we saw the whole thing go down. Thankfully the show didn’t just flick to halfway through the zombie invasion, it showed us the church collapse and subsequent infiltration in ‘real time’ and it wasn’t comfortable viewing as the characters scrambled for safety.

Almost any of them could have been killed in the initial onslaught as we watched all of the main characters desperately rushing for cover. It also brought the fear factor back to the walkers. Individually they are weak and easy to kill, but in a herd of that magnitude, not even the whole group combined could hope to defeat them. It was an intense opening that led to an tense episode.

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