10. The Logic

I understand the logic of ‘the trucks were going to fall, we had to prepare for the fallout’, but the group were very adept at putting up metal walls to shepherd the walkers, could they not have done a similar thing to pen them into the quarry? Why would they lure thousands of walkers a few miles away from Alexandria when they could slowly set up a system to eradicate them all?

The walls could’ve either been used to divert all of the walkers back down the cliff into the quarry, an everlasting loop, or they could’ve acted like the trucks as a ‘dispenser’ with single-file walkers able to pop out. Then we could’ve had our favourite characters dispatching the creatures one by one. Or better still, just torch the lot. Set fire to the pit and be done with it. I just feel like the whole situation was completely avoidable, but then again, we wouldn’t have had a storyline for Season 6 if they’d just acted logically.

9. Red Herring Storylines

When Rick cut his hand on a blade clearly smeared in walker blood, comic book fans got excited as it looked as though a very early, major plot from the source material was finally set to take place. He was also pinned down inside an RV with a walker swarm on every side. This was Rick in a desperate situation and the episode ended on a real cliffhanger.

Then the next time we saw Rick, he simply runs through the gates of Alexandria. There’s no explanation, he simply survived. There were no references to how he escaped, and importantly, apart from a bandaged hand, there’s no evidence that he was really badly hurt. The blade was through a walker’s head, it surely had blood on it, and surely that blood would’ve transferred across to Rick. I don’t even think I’m looking too deeply at that, but it’s a hole that the writers filled by simply ignoring it happened. Oh yeah, and on the theme of dropped storylines, Rick finally kissed Jessie. Are we just leaving that to one side now?

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