10. Getting Into Character For Jessica Jones

Showrunner Michelle Rosenberg said prior to shooting the actress was "working out for months." Ritter herself, meanwhile, admitted: "The first thing I did when we rapped shooting was stop working out." There was also the need to get into the character's psyche, and to truly take on the heroic persona, which has left a rather interesting mark on Ritter, who said: "If Im walking down the street and I see something thats kind of scary, my instinct is to like, beat them up!"

9. She's Also A Musician

It makes sense, then, that she's also a musician and in her own band, Ex Vivian. Ritter writes her own material and sings all the songs, releasing an album through WT Records back in 2012. The company described it as "somewhere between the atmosphere of Mazzy Starr and the American twang of Stevie Nicks." It's perhaps no surprise that she's also dating a musician, with her boyfriend being Adam Granduciel, the lead singer of War on Drugs.

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