11. Robb And Jon Grow Hair Quickly

In the very first episode both Robb and Jon have their hair cut and beards trimmed before King Roberts journey to Winterfell.

And yet later, when they find the direwolf pups, their hair has miraculously grown longer and their beards have returned.

If they had another shave once the King actually arrives. Which they don’t. This makes the whole thing rather pointless, and shows that the continuity problems within Game of Thrones are evident from the very beginning.

10. Drogo Melts Gold Quickly

When Khal Drogo prepares to give Viserys his golden crown, the gold melts extraordinarily quickly.

Surely a better way to do away with Viserys would have been to simply stab him? We know that Drogo was only giving Viserys what he wanted, and in doing so presented one of the most gruesome death scenes to date, but it wasn’t scientifically accurate.

The producers should have known better. Even if we saw Drogo melting the gold before the scene turned to something else and returned later, this would have been more plausible than it melting in seconds.

Pure gold has a melting point of 1945 degrees Fahrenheit, and a cooking fire reaches nowhere near this temperature.

9. Missing Skylights

Some dodgy CGI in the first season means that skylights previously seen in Tyrion’s sky cell (quite why there needs to be skylights when the entirety of one wall is exposed to the elements anyway, we don’t really understand…) vanish completely when a wider shot is given.

If something is visible in the actual shot it also needs to be visible in the CGI rendering of it. This was probably a genuine mistake.

8. Margaery Gets Junk Mail

The scene in question sees Margaery giving out toys to the orphans of Fleas Bottom when a just-audible chime signals that someone nearby had received an email. We can only guess that Margaery didn’t click to not receive chain mail.

Now this is clearly just a blooper that went amiss in the editing room.

7. Dany Falls In Love With Her Rapist

In one of their first scenes together Khal Drogo rapes Dany because he cannot speak in a similar tongue to her to actually ask her. Mere episodes later Dany comes to love Drogo, simply because her handmaiden had shown her how to initiate sex.

It is plausible that Dany may want to make the best of her situation by taking control and making their sexual encounters consensual but she still comes to regard him as the best thing since sliced bread.

No one in their right mind would fall in love with their rapist and yet Dany does.

6. Winterfell Is Left Undefended

Robb “the King in the North” Stark is many things, but stupid isn’t one of them. His attack of the Lannister armies in defence of his father’s beheading is meticulously mapped out. And yet he leaves his two brothers, heirs, and the only people who can carry on the Stark name should he die, completely undefended.

Theon takes his chance of revenge and takes over Winterfell. He somehow manages to do so with only a handful of men and yet the residents of Winterfell cannot fight back.

5. Rampant Homosexuality

In the universe in which Game of Thrones is set homosexuality is frowned upon severely. It’s okay to act upon your desires in Dorne, but in King’s Landing and the rest of Westeros it is regarded as a sin.

Yet everybody seems to know that Renly was gay and he still had a large following anyway.

In the third season Joffrey regards Renly as a “degenerate” which shows that he at least is repulsed.

And yet he still continues to do nothing about it.

4. Dany Hates Slaves But Keeps Slaves Anyway

Dany had long been an advocate for freeing slaves. It is what her entire story revolves around – she travels to different places in Essos and frees the slaves.

We know that Dany didn’t actually buy the Unsullied, but she went along with the pretence of such anyway. She freed them and then they chose to follow her anyway. Which is fair enough.

Yet in season four when Grey Worm and Missandei begin to exhibit feelings for one another Dany quickly shoots them down. Dany doesn’t care for any of her people as individuals, and rather only keeps them around her so that they can continue to things for her.

3. Winterfell Is Lined In Hand Holes

By scaling the wall using hand and foot holes. This is clearly so that the actor can make his way up the wall but no medieval castle would have such holes readily in place. Perhaps that is how Theon and his chums are able to attack Winterfell so easily in the next season?

To make it possible would be to have the wall lined in green hand and foot holes and then to remove or replace them later in post-production? As such they stand as one of the only problems in an otherwise brilliant pilot.

2. The Walking Skeletons

The last episode of season four shows Bran and his friends fending off a group of rampaging walking skeletons before they meet the three-eyed raven.

Surely after their years under the snow the bones would have broken apart or rotted along with the rest of their bodies. The snow would have went some way in preserving their bodies, yes, but even if the skeletons had remained intact somehow, they still wouldn’t have been able to maintain a grasp on the weapons they were buried with.

1. Dany’s Hair Doesn’t Burn But EVERYTHING Else Does

Everything burns. The wooden pyre is incinerated, Mirri Maz Duur and Khal Drogo are reduced to ashes, and Dany’s clothing is burned from her skin whilst leaving her intact.

And yet her hair remains unscathed. It isn’t burnt or singed or blackened.

We can only guess that Dany has some incredible unknown power residing within her.

(source whatculture)

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