11. “Black” by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi, featuring Norah Jones

“Until you travel to that place you can’t come back / Where the last pain is gone and all that’s left is black,” is what Norah Jones solemnly sings, as Walter White reveals to Skyler White, “I won.” It doesn’t feel like much of a victory, however, as the camera pans to the Lily of the Valley plant that put Walter’s plan to kill Gus in motion. The plant that nearly led to a child’s death. And no: Walter never could “come back” from that.

10. “Scoobidoo Love,” by Paul Rothman

What’s more appropriate for a meth-selling montage than this happy, upbeat jangling ditty about what a “good night it is,” juxtaposed with the growing weight of what it means for Jesse to be contributing to the decaying of society? The irony in this scene borders on sarcasm.

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