1. Counting Down to the Demise of Father Gabriel

First of all, our weary survivors have had their fair share of grappling with faith but Father Gabriel is the worst. He abandoned his flock, holed up in the church, and let them turn into walkers. After Rick and the gang save him - multiple times! - all Father Gabriel can do is scratch at the blood on the floor and whine about desecrating a holy place. Then he turns on them after the group gets his sorry butt to Alexandria. Can’t wait to see this character turn and get a head shot from Daryl or become a walker buffet. Byeee, Felicia.

By the way: Seth Gilliam is a fine actor and he’s been nothing but entertaining on The Wire, Teen Wolf, Law & Order, and The Good Wife. How much Father Gabriel annoys is actually a testament to how well Gilliam does his job, but it doesn't mean that Gabe should stick around even a second longer than he has to.

2. Dawn Lerner and the Hospital Felt Like Wasted Time

Why would a bunch of cops take the time to set up an entire operation requiring them to wear their uniforms and follow the chain of command in a practically empty city? They lived this long, why not go find a safer sanctuary or at least have casual Fridays.

3. Why Don’t People Use the Walker Camouflage Trick More Often?

The group goes back to season one, when the gang (covered in walker guts and goo) strolls mostly undetected through the walker hordes on the streets of Atlanta. Much later, Michonne accidentally pulls the same trick, getting walker guts all over her on her way to the prison. Carol even uses the walker guts trick to sneak into Terminus and save Rick and the gang. And, of course, Michonne and Andrea have both used walkers escorts on leashes, allowing them to travel unnoticed among the zombie herds.

So a few times might be enough but it seems that in some cases, it could be used to their advantage. But what would we do without drama and tough spots for the characters to get out of?

Probably the real reason is that shooting in 120 degree weather and 100% humidity with fake guts all over the cast just isn't very practical. And who wants to see actors covered in guts every week?

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