No doubt The Walking Dead is one of the most celebrated shows on television. From its opening credits to unavoidable cliff-hangers to all the blood, guts and death, it can easily be enjoyed for what it shows. But like other shows, TWD has few odd mistakes that make it slip away a bit from the realism. No matter how small the mistakes are, it breaks the essence of the zombie world that viewers love to watch. Given further are 11 things that are considered out of space and particularly odd in the show.

11. Cars and Fuel Shouldn’t Be Rare

There came a time when cars were shown as least available, and their rarity crept in. Like seriously?

The iconic image in the historical backdrop of the show sees innumerable cars surrounding the streets out of the city. Yes, it’s an unsafe mission when there are walkers around. However, precautionary measures could be taken, and autos could’ve been effortlessly expelled from the gridlock, definitely? The movement needs to have a line’s front, and with respect to fuel, imagine the amount of fuel that people must have kept in stock. There are full, untouched, unspoiled cars as yet holding up to be driven away.

10. The 21st Century Back To The Future Car?

Do you remember how the group got their hands on 2013 Hyundai Tucson? Well, that was nothing but just a lucrative item sent back in time. Moreover, a situation where the apocalypse has taken place, the car remains in a good condition amidst all the chaos and running and screeching. It easily passes out of the prison gates with an immaculate sparkle and is constantly parked at a flattering angle. It’s quite audacious on the part of AMC not to give weight to practicality just for the sake of money.

9. The Gardeners All Survived

The gardeners are immortals. Right! If you are one of them, then you need not worry about your death as the gardeners in The Walking Dead “survive anyhow” in the end. After all, if all of them will die, who will be the caretaker of the greenery around? Bleh!

Keeping in mind the places around Georgia that have been kept neat and tidy, this is the only reason that emerges out to be accurate. When Rick and Carol go in search of resources in the neighbourhood, all you could see is a neat and green garden amidst the apocalypse.

Does anyone want a clean garden?

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