On Thursday night (January 7), the HBO Gods both Old and New gifted us with the Season 6 premiere date for “Game of Thrones” — Sunday, April 24. Then, mere hours later, we learned that the premium network was close to ordering not one, but two more seasons of “Thrones,” bringing the grand total to 8. (Still no word on whether 8 will be the last, FYI.)

So, now that “Thrones” mania is at its highest since that one time last summer when Jon Snow died, we decided to examine all of the various rumors, interviews, and on-set photos we’ve seen and combine them with our knowledge of George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series, to present to you the 11 things that will definitely go down come April 24.

Book spoilers ahead!

11. Daenerys will be stuck in a pit of vipers.

Not The Viper, sadly. He’s still dead. But when we left Dany (Emilia Clarke) at the end of Season 5, Dany had flown on Drogon’ wings to the middle of the Dothraki Sea… and thanks to vigilant fans and sites like Watchers on the Wall, we know that she will soon ride with a Khalasar again, this time with Daario Naharis by her side.

10. Arya will get involved in community theater.

Arya (Maisie Williams), who ended Season 5 on a low note as she became completely blind, should find herself involved with a theater troupe in Season 6 — undercover for The Faceless Men, of course. English comedian Kevin Eldon and “The Babadook” star Effie Davis have been cast as two such theater performers, so it’s pretty safe to say that at least some of what happens to Arya and the troupe in “A Dance With Dragons” should go down come April 24. (If not the stuff with Raff the Sweetling, which seemed to be replaced by the Meryn Trant storyline last year.)

9. Theon and Sansa will reunite with some old friends.

It was seemingly an interesting summer of filming for Alfie Allen and Sophie Turner, who were said to have been spotted with everyone from Kit Harington (!) to Iwan Rheon (Ramsay, great) as they filmed battle scenes in the Belfast area. So, yeah — that Battle for Winterfell is totally going to happen, just with 100 percent less Stannis that we’d initially thought.

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