12. Changing Showrunner Two Times

The Walking Dead came bursting out of the gates in its first season, a short-but-exciting run that showed just how gripping, gory, and great this series could be. Heading it all up was Frank Darabont, director and writer of the likes of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile.

With the show winning a legion of fans and already starting to smash records, hopes were high for Season 2. Halfway through production, however, Darabont was surprisingly fired from the show, with initial reports suggesting he couldn't work with a TV schedule. However, it later emerged that he'd clashed with network execs, who wanted him to make more episodes on a lower budget than Season 1 had.

He was replaced with writer/producer Glen Mazarra, who oversaw the show until the end of Season 3, before he himself left, citing a lack of control over the direction the show was headed in.

11. Terminus

While things weren't as the characters hoped, it was great that after dragging out their arrival they'd landed there, and seemed ripe for a decent multi-episode arc. Then, after the break between seasons, the Season 5 premiere decided to blow the whole thing up, taking many of the Terminus residents with it. Two episodes later and its cannibalistic leader Gareth was done too, and that was it for a storyline Season 4 built so long building towards, making it feel like a complete waste.

10. The Beth Spoiler

MC actually spoilt the death for fans, posting the image of Daryl carrying her body with the caption 'RIP Beth' on social media, before the episode had aired on the West Coast, ruining the moment for countless viewers. Talk about salt in the wounds.

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