1. Let's start with an easy one. We see an older, grayer Rick wake up near the episode's start.

The episode makes it look like it's years later.

When this shot appeared in the season's first trailer many thought it confirmed a long-believed fan theory that the zombie apocalypse was taking place in Rick's head during a coma. That's not the case.

It's a direct callback to the show's first episode.

Same shot of Rick, but this is definitely not a dream.

Everything from the way that Rick wakes up, to the focus on the flowers at his bedside could easily fool fans into considering the entire show may have been a crazy coma dream.

Episode director Greg Nicotero told INSIDER we are seeing a "great, thriving community" in Alexandria at some point in the future.

2. The truck Carl drives has a familiar logo on it.

You've definitely seen this truck before.

You shouldn't have been surprised to see a familiar face in that vehicle. It's the same truck Rick has been seen driving around while in Alexandria.

The truck can be seen briefly at the very end of season six, episode 14.

You see it several times on season six parked alongside several vehicles the survivors have on hand for runs.

3. That entire scene with Carl looking for supplies should have felt like déjà vu.

Does this scene look familiar? We've seen it before!

It's a near mirror of the show's opening from its first episode.

Like father, like son. Shots from season one of "The Walking Dead" vs. season eight.

Executive producer and episode director Greg Nicotero told fans at New York Comic Con it was a near shot-for-shot re-creation of the show's 2010 pilot episode to commemorate the series' 100th episode.

4. Carl runs into a stranger while out on that run.

Carl hears the man reading from the Quran before Rick scares him away.

This is Siddiq, a big character from the comics.

Here's Siddiq in the comics.

Actor Avi Nash was cast on the show as a Muslim American character earlier this year.

Siddiq first appears in issue #127 of the comic series and becomes a valuable ally to Rick as a fisherman who goes out on expeditions for the group. However, most interesting, is that Siddiq is from the Oceanside community. On the show, the Oceanside women said that all of their men were killed by the Saviors. Was Siddiq somehow the sole survivor trying to find his way home?

(source business insider)

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