13. Robin Arryn
Dead By: Episode 1

How He Dies: After coming to the Starks' rescue, Littlefinger will be looking to capitalize and solidify this new alliance. Having been shot down by Sansa multiple times, he'll try another method by offering young Lord Robin as a suitor. But before the marriage takes place, Robin will fall victim to a fatal "accident", leaving Littlefinger the new Lord of the Vale and stepping into the role of suitor.

Why It's His Time: As soon as Littlefinger became guardian of Robin, the young lord's fate was sealed. Last we saw, Littlefinger took Robin outside the comforts of his protected home to teach him to be a stronger leader. But we all know it was so it would be easier to have him killed.

Aside from being just another casualty in Littlefinger's rise to power, Robin is just not built to survive in this world. He is a weak and sickly child who is a born victim in the game of thrones.

What It Means For The Show: Very little. Sadly, no one will miss Robin. He's whiny and immature and that image of him breastfeeding is still hard to shake. His death will just be one more reminder that Littlefinger will brush aside anyone on his way up the ladder.

(source whatculture)

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