Moderator Rob McElhenney kicked things off with a question for the series creators – “Why do you hate us all so much?” – alluding to the summer premiere date of Season 7, which will contain seven episodes instead of the traditional 10. “Winter is here,” Benioff quoted, and explained the schedule: “We shoot where there are places with trees. We have to wait for the leaves to fall off.” Weiss had advice for how to cope with the shorter season: “Rewatch. Start over at the beginning”


“Hopefully we’re still living out the spirit of [author] George [RR Martin]’s imagination,” said Benioff. “Even though we’re beyond the books, one thing that’s fun is that though George’s books will be very different in some respects and the same in others. Hopefully both the series and the books will be surprising.”


“What is it like to be America’s sweetheart?” McElhenney asked the man behind Ramsay Bolton. Rheon maintained that Ramsay was a great villain because “he had this kind of joy in everything that he does. He was having the best time of his life.” When McElhenney asked about Ramsay's perspective, Rheon replied sympathetically. “The poor guy’s had a tough upbringing. He’s looking for his father’s love and acceptance and recognition all his life.” Sophie Turner chimed in: “Boo hoo.”

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