Used by citizens of Woodbury, GA, a seeming utopia headed by a man only known as the Governor, biter might be a more accurate moniker than walker since zombies will continue to want to bite even if they don’t have legs. A biter is also a deceiver, says the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), like the Governor himself whose pleasant facade hides a sociopath.


Said by Terminus native Martin in the episode “No Sanctuary.” Cold bodies may be opposed to warm bodies, or non-zombie humans, which Terminusians like to serve up as barbecue.


“Got us a creeper,” Merle tells the Governor in “Walk with Me.” In the Walking Dead universe, zombies are of the slow, creeping variety, while in movies like World War Z (although not the book) and 28 Days Later, they're the quick, wall-climbing type.


Nickname preferred by the posse headed by Abraham Ford. Rosita says she and her group were “fighting off some dead ones” when Abraham showed up out of nowhere in a tank. Later, Eugene “Mullet” Porter says, “I sure as hell can't take a dead one down with sharp buttons and hella confidence.”

(source mentalfloss)

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