1 . Lady Stoneheart

Who is she?

The reanimated corpse of Catelyn Stark.

What does she do?

Eff shit up in the Riverlands as the new head of the brotherhood without banners and send Brienne of Tarth on a quest to kill Jaime Lannister.

Who is fulfilling her purpose?

Who knows? Brienne and Jaime's storylines are so different on the show, it's hard to tell if any shreds of her plot will make it to the screen.

How much of a bummer is this?

Huge bummer. Her existence almost makes the Red Wedding worthwhile.

2 . Arianne Martell

Who is she?

Daughter of Doran Martell ; niece of the Red Viper ; Princess of Dorne.

What does she do?

Helm a conspiracy to seek revenge against the Lannisters for the deaths of her uncle and her aunt Elia .

Who is fulfilling her purpose?

It looks like her part will mostly be played by the Red Viper's grieving paramour, Ellaria Sand .

How much of a bummer is this?

Minor bummer. Her story is interesting but nothing that can't be replicated through Ellaria.

3 . Arys Oakheart

Who is he?

A member of the Kingsguard; protector of Princess Myrcella Baratheon in Dorne.

What does he do?

Get suckered into helping Arianne Martell with her conspiracy against the Lannister; nearly get Myrcella killed, die.

Who is fulfilling his purpose?

Possibly Jaime Lannister or Bronn?

How much of a bummer is this?

Not much of one. The show will be fine without him.

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