15. The Sand Snakes Wasn't Used to It's Potential

Three of The Sand Snakes, the daughters of Oberyn Martell, appeared in part of Season 5 of the series and gave us a hint of what appears to be oodles of bada** potential. All adept at different tactics of battle, the one thing that is absolutely obvious from the moment they debuted was that they shouldn’t be trifled with. The problem comes in the way the characters are written on the show. Setting out to gain revenge on the Lannisters, a family that has a long history of killing their kin, they ultimately take the life of a single member, a defenceless princess and disappear. People who seem so capable and are bent on vengeance should have had a much larger effect on the series.

14. No Grey Worm and Missandei Chemistry

Starting out with some potential when Missandei caught Grey Worm gawking at her nude body as she bathed, that moment is the steamiest scene they’ve ever shared. We suppose it makes sense as both characters have been forced to restrain themselves from emoting from a young age but that doesn’t make their scenes any less mundane. If they’d never progressed past knowing glances and we hadn’t been forced to witness them converse in the most robotic way possible, we may have enjoyed this pairing a great deal more.

13. Bad Special Effects

There are certainly some pretty amazing moments in the history of Game of Thrones and we unrepentantly loved a lot of what we saw in the recent Battle of the Bastards, but things aren’t always rosy. In fact, there are some moments that are brutal to behold, for instance, a lot of the establishing shots of the series’ incredible locales are pretty poorly rendered. Another glaring moment that fell far below the standard we’d hope to see in a big budget show was the recent scene where a naked Daenerys stands in front of a burning building. Sure, the naked beauty before our eyes could have pulled our glance from the unconvincing effect that surrounded her but we took note.

12. Too Much Recasting

There is a long history in television and movies of recasting a character in cases where producers come to the conclusion that they’d misstepped in the casting process or if personalities clash on set. That said, it really is something that you should avoid if at all possible, as it can cause confusion and disappointment in your fanbase. It seems as though those behind the scenes of this show have very few worries about ushering in a new actor for a familiar role on a regular basis. None of the principal actors have suffered this fate, as of yet, but there are a lot of supporting actors who’ve been shown the door.

11. Quaithe Gone

When Daenerys spent part of the second season in Qarth, it was a pretty boring period for the character aside from the scene where she gained vengeance on those who crossed her and a mysterious figure. Quaithe, a hooded woman who initially seemed like she may pose a threat to Khaleesi, provided her ally, Ser Jorah Mormon, with information that helped to save her from losing her dragons. Appearing in a measly two episodes of the series, she left far more questions in her wake than answers. Seeming to possess more wisdom than all those that surround her, we were left wondering how she gained that knowledge and would’ve loved to see her put her skills to greater use.

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