1. First up, remember in the Season 2 premiere when Jimmy and Kim (aka Viktor and Giselle) con their way through a bottle of $50-a-shot Zafiro Añejo tequila?

Well, turns out it’s the same tequila Gus uses to poison Don Eladio and co. in the Breaking Bad Season 4 episode “Salud”.

2. And if you thought the cop who turns up to investigate the case of the stolen baseball cards looked familiar, then you get 100 fan points.

Because he’s the same actor (Stoney Westmoreland) who turns up at the White household in Season 3, Episode 3, when Skyler wants Walt to leave.

3. This season we heard Nacho tell Mike about a guy Tuco killed back in the ’90s, resulting in a bit of his skull getting lodged in Nacho’s shoulder.

And if we take a trip back to early Season 2 of Breaking Bad, we find that Hank is well aware of Tuco’s past misdemeanors.

(source buzzfeed)

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