After all that stumbling, crawling and wandering, how do the walkers keep going? Considering they often go weeks without proper, FDA-approved sustenance, their continued survival is nothing less than a herculean feat. According to an aspiring Redditor scientist, however, it’s not just sheer will that keeps the walkers walking: it’s solar power.

That’s right. Like Superman himself, the yellow rays of the sun keep the zombies in motion. As this gonzo theory states, the mutated cells in the zombies now thrive on a diet of sunlight, the greenest energy of all. Too bad the walkers aren’t in their right minds to appreciate their scientific achievements. Thanks to the online Einstein over at Reddit, this theory also explains why the zombies stuck in deep, dark places are so catatonic, while their nature-loving allies have seemingly boundless energy. Like a Duracell battery, the walkers who go weeks without sunlight flip to “economy mode” and coast until they can get some vitamin D. Can someone please get ahold of Rick Grimes and tell him that the cure to the zombie apocalypse is 60 SPF sunscreen?

(source screenrant)

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