15. Cersei Lannister- Lena Headey
Cersei Lannister is yet another complex character that we have trouble deciding whether or not to love her wicked ways or absolutely loathe every move she makes. She no doubt has had a rather complicated life as a young queen and eventual mother to not one, but two different adolescent Kings. Her relationship with her brother is shocking, and yet, we still have trouble writing off this character as a monster. Some of her motives are clear, and we understand her desire to be evil and seek revenge. Other times, it’s other beloved characters that she goes after, making it hard to not see her as a villain. But outside the show, the actress who plays her, Lena Headey, is nowhere near as manipulative as the ambiguous character that she plays! Lena Headey often sports short, dark hair, and loves to show off her various tattoos that are always hidden in the series.

(source therichest)

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