15. Sand Snakes taking control of Dorne

Ellaria stabs Doran Martell with a knife while Tyene kills Areo Hotah (who was shown as a formidable warrior in the books) and Maester Caleotte like they were nothing. Obara along with Nymeria confronts Trystane Martell, the remaining heir of Dorne, and kills him with a spear at the back of his head.

14. Jon and Sansa’s visit to Bear Island

Who said little girls can’t be awesome. Living up to her name Lyanna Mormont of the Bear Island proved that in episode seven of the season 6. She had more confidence than anyone in the entire season. Jon Snow and Sansa Stark looked completely dumbfounded against her.

13. Daenerys Setting The Temple of Dosh Khaleen Afire

Taking advantage of her immunity to fire, she locks herself in the Temple of Dosh khaleen along with all the khals. All she had to do was knock over the braziers and flames did the rest. She walks out naked from a fire with each of the khalasars bowing down to her.

(source quotten)

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