15. Osha

Born a free woman, Osha still ended up serving House Stark for several seasons and is best remembered for being one of the group of people who travelled with Bran across the land. A former wildling, she seemed like an unlikely person to be so loyal to the young man and his brother Rickon, but she did just that up until her dying moment. Feigning that she’d only remained by their side in an attempt to find someone to sell the boy to, she hoped that the ruse would trick Ramsay Bolton to lower his defences long enough to kill him. Of course, Ramsay was too clever for that and it was actually she who laid on the ground bleeding out after a knife entered her neck. A character that mostly spent her time in the background of the younger Stark’s adventures, her heart turned out to be kind enough that we were saddened by her demise. That said, she kept up a rather fearsome exterior that reared its nasty face most whenever her young companions were threatened, which is why she is listed here.

14. Yara Greyjoy

First off, let’s make one thing abundantly clear, Gemma Whelan, the actress who portrays Yara on Game of Thrones, is a very pretty woman and this is no reflection on her looks. That said, the person she plays on Game of Thrones seems to care little for her appearance, consistently looks like she is about to kick everyone’s butts and has a nasty streak a mile long. A character we can’t wait to see more of, considering she seems poised to bring the pain to all of those who’ve crossed her and with a legion of faithful followers by her side, who could stop her? Introduced in an episode that involved a sickly incestuous event, from the moment she was introduced it seemed like she was meant to be unsettling which also contributes to her placement here.

13. Septa Unella

A character that finds her place here not due to any kind of external ugliness or abnormality, it is instead the awful behaviour and permanent scowl that makes Septa Unella so nasty looking. A loyal faith of the seven servant, she uses her position in the religion and the moral superiority she feels that grants her to lord it over those that fall under her charge. Attempting to coerce confessions out of those that she has a hand in imprisoning, she routinely offers them water but only if they follow her wishes and admit their wrongdoing. Clearly relishing her role, she carries herself with a holier than thou energy, all while the people before her are at their most vulnerable. Knowing that and the permanently snide look on her face we know that she belongs here amongst the ugliest Game of Thrones characters.

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