15. Cannibals Eating Bob’s Leg

Watching this scene, it is really hard to not feel for Bob. I mean, unless you are heartless, you feel for Bob. The poor guy is sitting there with his leg cut off. He can see where the group is cooking his own leg over a fire, like they are roasting a chicken breast.

As if that isn’t bad enough, the head asshole from Terminus then taunts Bob by eating his leg meat right in friggin’ front of him. He goes on to tell Bob just how good he tastes. He also talks about how he usually prefers women because of the extra layer of fat that they have. The whole scene is an uncomfortable reminder of the fact that even the humans have lost their humanity in this zombie world.

14. Everything Terminus

When Bob, Glenn, Rick and Daryl are taken away for slaughter at the Terminus headquarters, they are sat in front of a tub with four other prisoners. The Terminus guys then systematically hit their victim’s head with a baseball bat, pull their head back by grabbing their hair and slit their throat.

While formulating an escape, the scene gets even harder to watch as the group goes deeper into the Terminus rooms, seeing people’s bodies hanging like racks of meat, all the tools used to shave off the muscle from their bodies and their leftover belongings.

13. Negan’s Prelude To His Kill

We haven’t even seen the episode in which Negan bashes the winner of Eenie Meenie Miney Moe to death but we have seen the prelude. Negan’s build up to the beat down is rough in its own right, as each character looks terrified and Negan threatens to cut out Carl’s eye and feed it to Rick. With the anticipation building, Negan’s psychopathic confidence and his seeming enjoyment of coming slaughter, it is truly hard to sit through.

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