15 – Watch The Entire Series Another Time
Watching the series a second (Hell, even third, fourth etc…) time just might be the best thing one can do to fully appreciate it. The show is so dense with all its different characters and storylines that it is inevitable that many details have either gone unnoticed, or have been completely forgotten.

Watching the series while actually knowing the many different outcomes that occur in all 6 seasons will have one take notice of all the little details and foreshadowing that were completely elusive on that first viewing.

Elusive hints on things like Jon Snow’s Death, Ressurection and Parentage, as well as the Red Wedding will suddenly appear in random moments throughout the second viewing. They will appear as so obvious, where they had been completely unnoticed that first time. Make no mistake though: The Red Wedding, Ned Stark’s Death and Shereen Baratheon’s Sacrifice will still hit your feelings like a ton of bricks…

(source ablogofthrones)

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