While there are many who admired this sexy mercenary for his devotion to Daenerys and his glorious beard, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing more of Daario when Game of Thrones returns in July. When the dragon queen took her leave of Meereen, she left Daario in charge of the city, and didn’t allow him to invade Westeros with the rest of her party.

While it’s not impossible for Daario to make a surprise appearance at some point late in the season, perhaps with some reinforcements for Daenerys, it seems unlikely. Daenerys certainly seemed to think that she was saying her final goodbyes to Daario when she left him behind, and it’s not as if the character has some critical role to fill in the plot.

Daenerys has moved on to advisors like Tyrion and Varys, both of whom are much more experienced in the culture of Westeros than Daario. Unfortunately, Daario may be stranded in Essos while all the fun is happening somewhere else.

(source screenrant)

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