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15. Sophie Turner thinks Sansa has the upper hand.

When Nairn asked if the Lady of Winterfell was being manipulated by Littlefinger, Turner pointed out that her character has grown: “As she’s been a prisoner of all of these master manipulators, she’s been silently absorbing, learning and adapting. She’s just as good at playing the game as he is at this point.

14. Brienne of Tarth may secretly like Tormund’s attention.

Nairn asked the question most fans are thinking: Does Brienne enjoy being appreciated both as a warrior and a woman by the wilding? “I don’t think her value system is based on how men appreciate her,” offered Gwendoline Christie. “But, who doesn’t like to be appreciated as both? She’s finding it incredibly awkward, but under any awkwardness is that potential secret enjoyment. But,” she teased, “does she like someone else?” The audience answered with cries of a certain Kingslayer.

13. Get ready for Grey Worm and Missandei’s love story.

The trailer showed a brief moment between Grey Worm and Missandei possibly, finally getting it on, and it looks like the actors involved think it’s about time. Anderson said he definitely sees a future between his character and Missandei. “I think there’s already things firing between them,” he said. He added that Daenerys would not only approve of their relationship, but officiate their wedding. Emmanuel agreed: “To see them laugh together and feel something for one another is so beautiful,” she said, especially since the two have been through so much trauma in their lives. But she wouldn’t dare be too optimistic, given the show’s track record with anyone who experiences happiness.

12. The transition from Theon to Reek and back again isn’t easy.

“It was definitely a challenge because he wasn’t really stepping back into the Theon he was before he was Reek,” Alfie Allen explained. “He’s had a crazy arc, but it’s been enjoyable to find empathy for the character.”

11. Samwell has made peace with being an outsider.

First at home and then at Castle Black, Sam has always struggled to fit in, John Bradley admitted: “He assumed the one place where his passion and interests wouldn’t be treated with scorn and contempt is the Citadel. He gets there, and is just as much of an outsider there as anywhere.” But the silver lining for the young Maester-in-training, Bradley shared, is he’s realized he didn’t need to be “accepted by a wider world, because he knows what’s important — being loved by two people [Gilly and Little Sam] rather than accepted by hundreds.”

(source harpersbazaar/makinggameofthrones)

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