15. Daryl exists solely due to Reedus

Any loyal fan of The Walking Dead knows that the character Daryl Dixon is not found in the comic series. So of course, it was created solely for the TV show. Most sources will tell you that Daryl was created for Norman Reedus after producers were impressed by his audition for Merle, Daryl’s older brother in the show. Well, that’s partly true. Reedus cleared up any rumors in an interview. He said that he got obsessed with a zombie apocalypse script that came up in 2010, but heard that the part of Merle, which he was interested in, had already been cast. He asked to audition, simply to try and get a guest spot on the show that he so admired. Two different times, he was given Merle’s lines to read. The original showrunner, Frank Darabont, liked Reedus so much that he developed the character of Daryl just for him, and of course, the rest is history.

14. He has appeared in seven music videos

According to his IMDB page, Reedus has been acting since the late 1990s. While The Walking Dead is what made him a familiar face in many households, he’s not totally unrecognizable. You might not have watched some of the darker films he’s acted in, but you may recognize him from MTV of all places. He has appeared in a total of seven music videos. These were for songs by the Goo Goo Dolls, Ugly Kid Joe, R.E.M., Radiohead, Björk, Keith Richards, and most recently, Lady Gaga.

The video to the controversial song “Judas” by Lady Gaga came out in 2011, and featured Reedus playing the part of Judas. Keeping in line with the stereotypical character for Reedus, the character of Judas rides up in a motorcycle gang at the beginning of the video. In an interview with GQ, Reedus said that he did most of the videos before he was established in the business. He thought they were a fun way to help pay the rent.

13. He has worked as a model

If you were surprised to know that Reedus was in a handful of music videos, then you’ll be even more surprised to find out that he worked as a model, too. That’s not to say that he’s not good-looking, because we all know he is, but he just doesn’t seem like the modeling type. Not only that, but he did some high-end modeling work for brands like Prada and Lexus. This started when Miuccia Prada saw some photos of him taken by Ellen von Unwerth on the movie set for Six Ways to Sunday. Reedus said he hated modeling. Although it wasn’t his forte or something he pursued, he was obviously pretty good at the gig. Reedus has modeled for Prada, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Durban, Levi’s, Lexus, and Morgenthal Fredrics.

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