15. Negan’s First Appearance

As one of the most notable villains within the Walking Dead comics, Negan certainly made himself known upon his arrival. In issue 100, published in July 2012, the appearance of the Saviors finally introduced their leader, a man hungry for power and demanding the possessions of Rick and his followers.

Following the deaths of many Saviors, Negan and his men would take the fight to them, subduing Rick and capturing the rest of the crew for a terrifying ordeal.

Negan would introduce himself to the group, along with his signature weapon Lucille, a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. Negan would then give the group a lengthy introduction to how life around him works, with devastating consequences for the murder of his own Saviors at the hands of Rick, Michonne, Darryl et al.

Picking one member of the group to teach such a lesson, Negan would single out Glenn for death, leaving the group to witness his head smashed in by Lucille and left a bloody pulp. Negan would then warn that he would be back to claim their possessions and make them his own.

14. Lucille

As many of you will have known before, or at least by now, Negan’s weapon of choice for delivering complete justice is Lucille. Lucille is a baseball bat covered in barbed wire that has served its purpose on more than enough occasions, whether it be meeting human or walker flesh.

Lucille, a weapon that has somewhat become an icon part of the Walking Dead canon, is actually named after Negan’s wife, whom very little is known about prior to the spread of infection and the collapse of civilization.

While initially serving as a standard weapon for delivering the most punishing of deaths, Lucille is soon ‘upgraded’ for want of a better word, with Negan dipping it in Walker guts and using it to turn foes into the infected.

13. Profanities Aplenty

Negan certainly isn’t a man to mince his words; he’ll say it exactly how he sees it, even if it does mean using multiple profanities, including that dreaded four-letter c-word. That’s right, this is a man who regularly drops f-bombs and so much more into his standard communication with people.

While this certainly pushes the boundaries and is rather acceptable on the pages of the comics, adapting this to television will surely be a bit more of a challenge.

Sure, shows such as Deadwood and the more recent Game of Thrones have their own penchant for foul language, but a network such as AMC may have more issues with handling the language. It’s a channel not particularly known for its excess in foul language so we may well see it slimmed down for Negan’s on-screen representation.

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