One of the most dramatic differences between “The Walking Dead” TV show and the comic is its treatment of Shane. Because Season 2 spent so much time on the Greene family farm, Shane also got a chance for some serious character development. The same can’t be said of his comic counterpart. He meets his end in a very similar fashion, but much earlier in the series, and with a 7-year-old Carl Grimes pulling the trigger.

Back in issue #6, before the group had even left their original camp in Atlanta, a confrontation between Rick and Shane over moving the group comes to a head when Shane punches Rick. When Lori retaliates and takes Rick’s side, Shane storms off into the woods with Rick following close behind to try and talk things out. Shane starts ranting about how Rick “should have stayed dead,” so that he and Lori could have been together, before aiming a gun at his best friend. Just before he can pull the trigger, Carl, who secretly followed his father as back-up, shoots him in the neck and Shane chokes on his own blood.

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