It’s Morphin’ Time! The Power Rangers series is one of the most lucrative franchises of all time. Starting in 1993, the action show using recycled Super Sentai footage hit the airwaves and launched a worldwide phenomenon; twenty-two seasons and two films later, the series shows no sign of stopping. A big-budget reboot hits theaters this March with the hope to capture the original season’s fun tone, jaw-dropping action, and cast chemistry. Just about any child of the ’90s could recite the show’s first episode, “Day of the Dumpster,” by memory after watching it on VHS so many times.

In its original incarnation, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers would have gotten started on a different foot. The unaired pilot saw a few unfamiliar faces and places. Both Trini and Skull were played by completely different actors. Instead of Ernie’s Juice Bar, the gang hang out at a bowling alley. At one point in the episode, they engage in a fight that’s pretty brutal for a kid’s show.

Even the terminology of the series and character designs were nothing like what we ended up with. Zordon was named “Zoltar,” Alpha 5 had a different design, the morphers were called “transmorphers,” and the Zords were called “Droids.” This is an alternate reality we don’t think we want to live in!

(source screenrant)

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