15. Jessie/Alexandra Breckenridge

Jessie was a romantic interest hopeful for our favorite zombie-killing-cop, Rick. Due to her pretty annoying and whiny son, however, she was tragically murdered by some walkers. Sigh. Nonetheless, she was still one of our favorite romantic interests for Rick. She lived in the very comfortable Alexandria, so we never really saw her all dirty like many others. However, we definitely didn’t see her how she is in the above photo! She played more of a “girl next door” look and charmed us with her cute style.

Aside from her role on TWD, she’s played some pretty promiscuous roles on American Horror Story and True Blood. On AHS, she was a pretty seductive maid who used her body to get what she wanted.

14. Eugene/Josh McDermitt

Eugene is our favorite nerd on TWD. He has pretty much every unattractive quality: a mullet, a baby face, and just an overall awkward personality. In the other photo, however, he’s actually not such a bad looking guy! In the show, he’s probably the least attractive of the cast, and even some zombies have more sex appeal than Eugene does. But once you see him all cleaned and mullet-free, he’s pretty handsome!

Outside of TWD, Josh is pretty different than his character on the series. On the show, he’s nerdy, closed off, and overall fairly serious.

13. Andrea/Laurie Holden

Andrea was one of TWD fans least favorite characters. She was a bit misunderstood and did things that made us question the writers on the show. It wasn’t until right before she was killed off that fans started to understand and sympathize with her. But Andrea is long gone, as is the image of her all dirtied and bloodied up!

In real life, Laurie is actually pretty gorgeous! It was a bit hard to see her in that light on the show due to the fact that she was always kind of dirtied up, but also because she annoyed us, and it’s hard to see the beauty in a character we don’t really like.

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