After the conclusion of the story arc with Negan and the Saviors as central villains, The Walking Dead’s next big bads are The Whisperers. A group of survivors that have reverted back to a more primal and animalistic way of living, The Whisperers are notable by the penchant for removing skins from Walkers are wearing them as disguises. The group is led by Alpha and her loyal sidekick Beta and their way of life soon clashes with the more civilized Alexandria community.

The comic series sees many twists and turns during the war against the Whisperers, including a younger member of the group, Lydia, who begins to question her people’s behavior. Promotional material for season seven actually hinted that the AMC show would introduce these villains early but so far this has proved to be a red herring, however it’s reasonably certain that these characters will make an appearance in the TV show at some point.

(source screenrant)

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