15. Valar Morghulis (S2E10)
With the exception of season six, the final episode of every season is usually a little bit of a disappointment. Game of Thrones has a reputation of making episode 9 the most climatic episode. The ninth episode is usually when the jaw-dropping events happen. S1E9 was when Ned Stark lost his head. RIP Ned. We all still miss you. S2E9 was Battle of the Blackwater. That episode was marvelous for many reasons, one of which was watching The Hound say, “F**k the king.” Rounding out an episode all about the masculinity of warfare was Sansa and Cersei’s discussions about being a woman, as they waited for the outcome of the battle. All in all, S2E9 was great. This may be why S2E10 missed the mark.

Here’s what happened in S2E10: Margaery makes a play for Joffrey, which he accepts, publicly shaming Sansa, who isn’t too upset about it. Tyrion wakes up with bandages on his face. Stannis is bummed that he lost. Robb marries Talisa against his mother’s advice. It was an episode that set up puzzle pieces for the next season, but did little as a whole.

The best part was watching Daenerys escape the House of the Undying through the power of her adorable, teeny dragons. Oh, and getting a little Khal Drogo via a magic fantasy scene was nice too. That was basically the high point of this episode.

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