16. Lookin’ Hot Brushing Her Teeth

We’re all pretty well aware that Lauren Cohan looks good most of the time. I mean, she rocks her zombie apocalypse look – at least for the most part. We’ll just ignore her current haircut on the show. It’s, uh, not her best look.

Anyway, like we were saying, the farmer’s daughter looks good just about all the time. Case and point: the above photo. She’s just brushing her teeth but she’s looks hella good doing it. For the record, I do not look like that when I’m brushing my teeth in the morning and I think most women can agree with me on that one.

The fact that Cohan has her hair and makeup done in this picture certainly helps amplify her attractiveness, as we’re not used to seeing her done up. Also, her short shorts and teeny, tiny, almost-not-there tee shirt are working for her.

15. Just Out Of The Pool

Admittedly, we highly doubt Lauren Cohan actually went swimming before this photo was taken. Nobody’s makeup looks that good after taking a dip in the pool. However, she is totally rocking some sexy swimming hair, which is working for her.

Not surprising, Cohan actually worked as a model before her break as an actress. I mean, her legs are about 100 feet long so that totally makes sense. Oddly enough though, Cohan has admitted in an interview that she doesn’t actually remember deciding to pursue acting as a career. Somewhere in LA, every struggling actress is hating Cohan right now. It sure would be nice to kind of fall into major acting success, right?

14. When Maggie And Negan Were Married

This photo may not be as hot as the others included but we just had to include it. It’s a screenshot from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Lauren Cohan played Martha Wayne, which turned out to be a bigger role than one would think. She’s only on screen for the iconic scene in which Bruce Wayne watches his parents die in a street robbery. However, later in the film when Superman and Batman are at odds with one another, Superman says his mother’s name is Martha. What?! Two dudes with moms who have the same name! I know, totally mind-blowing, or at least that’s how the film made it seem. It was this fact that changed Batman’s mind, resulting in him helping Superman rescue his mom.

The best part about Cohan playing Martha Wayne is that Jeffrey Dead Morgan plays Thomas Wayne. The same Jeffrey Dean Morgan that plays Negan. Meaning that in the DC Universe Cohan and Morgan play husband and wife, while in TWD Universe Morgan plays the antagonist who killed her husband. We don’t know how we feel about that.

13. Glenn And Maggie Live On

We admit that we totally don’t know what’s going on here. It looks like Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun are goofing around together at a formal event. We included it, because who doesn’t love this duo?

Obviously, working on The Walking Dead will change big time for Cohan after the loss of Glenn. Since Maggie’s introduction, she has been paired up with Glenn and now, she’s… well, not. After the season seven premiere, Cohan said, “Steven has been a leading man professional on the show without ever having been any of those things before being on the show. You know what Steven is? He’s ride or die: You know he has your back. Everything that we see in Glenn is what Steven brings to him, and that’s that steady heart. I’m so excited for him knowing he’s going on to do amazing things. He’s the most professional gentleman and the silliest, funniest goof ever. And Steven’s still alive! So that’s good.”

Ugh, so obviously Cohan is going to be missing her onscreen hubby in a big way.

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