16. TS-19 (S1, E6)
This is the infamous CDC episode, which Robert Kirkman has stated is his biggest regret in terms of the show. Kirkman actually hates this particular episode much more than the fans do, but we had to include it for being the weakest of season one.

In a season that draws much from the comic books, the show went off script and brought the gang to the CDC in Atlanta. Rick does find out useful information, like the fact that anyone who dies will come back as a zombie. However, this episode sticks out like a sore thumb. It just does not fit in the tone and style of season one. Also, the fact that the CDC actually blows up is a little questionable. Is that really a safety measure? Because it seems a bit extreme.

It’s not an awful episode to sit through while watching the show for your first viewing, but upon rewatching the series, it becomes more and more apparent that this episode just does not fit in the world of The Walking Dead.

(source therichest)

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