1) They Took Morgan’s Karate Stick? Shit Just Got Real
Violence is almost never the answer, but I’m glad Morgan clocked this dude with his karate stick. Any adult man who says, “No guns for bad boys,” and means it deserves to get one upside the head. Oh, SHIT. They took Morgan’s karate stick. It’s on now! Code be damned, he’ll murder everyone and their kids to get his karate stick back. He’ll go back and re-murder his wife from the first episode if he has to! Stickless Morgan will stop at nothing!

It was cute Morgan thought saying please and mentioning the karate stick’s origin story would get his weapon returned. “Someone gave it to me. Someone who’s gone now. T-Dog: The one true dog. Gone but not forgotten, always in our hears. I say he’s in our ‘hears’ because we lost the T forever.“ Anyway, Dead Sister’s Dress is my new favorite character. A fan favorite from the comics, it’s great to see Dead Sister’s Dress finally getting some screen time!

(source funnyordie)

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