17. Arya Reunites With Nymeria

Arya has been an island on her own for what feels like decades now (mostly thanks to the narrative cul-de-sac of the House Of Black And White), and her isolation has been enough to make you wish she'd just make a friend. Even the Waif would have been welcome.

Then again, her story worked because she was the lone wolf, and even though seeing her kill off the Freys at the end of season 6 was devastatingly brilliant, it would have been nice to see her enjoy it with someone in the aftermath. Her direwolf, Nymeria, would have been the perfect candidate, but she's been rogue since Arya forced her to run away to avoid Joffrey's murderous rage.

The missing pet will return, however, in Season 7, according to a leak by Instinct Animals For Film, who supply the animals for Game Of Thrones. They posted pictures of two direwolves - one Quigley, who plays Ghost, and another looking suspiciously like Nymeria - before locking their Instagram account (presumably when someone pointed out the spoiler).

16. The Lannisters Pay Their Debts (Or Don't)

We already know that The Iron Bank of Braavos has a fearsome reputation. Tyrion pretty handily sketched that out back in season 4:

“You can’t run from them. You can’t cheat them. You can’t sway them with excuses. If you owe them money and you don’t want to crumble yourself, you pay it back.”

Luckily for the Bank, Lannisters ALWAYS pay their debts. So it shouldn't be a problem that they're going to be calling in their huge debt in Season 7, with Tycho Nestoris set to turn up in King’s Landing personally. Actor Mark Gatiss revealed that he will be appearing in two episodes of season 7, and that he'll return in season 8, so he's unlikely to be killed off when he knocks on Cersei's door.

Will we see him align the Bank with Cersei's enemies as punishment for not paying her debts?

15. Jon Meets Tyrion Again

For fans who love Westerosi anti-heroes, the good news is that two from the top of the ladder will be reuniting in season 7 after meeting way back in season 1. Having last met when Tyrion had his penis in his hand and was pissing off the Wall, he and Jon Snow will meet to form an alliance between Snow's bannermen and Dany's forces.

As seen in the trailer, we'll see a flock of ravens fill the sky above Westeros, and the logical theory is that they're being sent by Dany to rally her potential allies (and demand their loyalty). Since Tyrion knows Jon, it seems inevitable that he will oversee their meeting and help smooth the negotiations.

This is presumably also when Jon outlines why Dany is fighting the wrong war.

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