18. Off The Bat

A line from the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6, from the leader of the Saviours who confront Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl: "See usually, we introduce ourselves by just popping one of you right off the bat."

Just incase that wasn't on-the-nose enough, allow Jesus to take it a little further in episode 11, Knots Untie: "He beat him to death right in front of us ... said we needed to understand right off the bat."

See, this is a nice bit of foreshadowing for Negan, whose weapon of choice is a baseball bat. Good job that The Walking Dead is about as subtle as a barbed-wire-wrapped bat to the face.

17. The Decaying Titles

One of the really clever ways the producers of the show have visually represented the passing of time is with the walkers, who have been gradually becoming more and more decayed over the years, a sign that this has been taking place for a while.

It's not just the walkers they've done this with though, as the titles have also been slowly decaying as well. That continued in Season 6, with the 'W' in particular more bloodied and rotten than in previous years. Like with the decaying walkers, it's a nice visual representation of time and the world going to hell. Maybe by Season 12 it'll just a black screen.

16. Carl's Moment

Carl having part of his face blown off is a big moment for the show, especially as it sees a main character - who also happens to be a kid - getting shot in the face and living to tell the tale.

It's also ripped straight from the pages of the comic books. While other aspects of Season 6 might have differed slightly, this one played out in a very similar manner, although there were some changes. In the comics, it's Douglas Monroe (who is represented by Deanna in the TV series) who shoots Carl accidentally, rather than Ron deliberately trying to take out the Grimes family.

The imagery of it though, and the rush to save his life afterwards, is a recreation of this big moment.

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