18. The One We Don’t Understand

Daenerys being swooped up by the Dothraki at the end of Season 5 was pretty baffling, but could have huge potential. We still don’t even know if they’re friend or foe, however.

These pictures were taken from the Dothraki set of Emilia Clarke in the wilderness in a scene that resembles something from the early days. Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) has been reportedly spotted on set, though in full Dothraki costume, it’s unclear whether it’s him or not. If true, it could suggest a flashback.

17. The One We REALLY Don’t Understand

Probably the least expected, most bizarre set photos from this year have seen Sibel Kekilli in full costume. It’s a real head-scratcher.

She was surely killed by Tyrion in Season 4 (SURELY?) and if she was, a flashback seems odd for a character who’s faded out of all relevance. The fact that she’s been seen with Varys immediately suggests some sort of plotting/scheming, but it’s too early to tell.

16. The One With The Ruins

The Thrones crew have been busy in Spain lately, and this particular location has reportedly played host to none other than Peter Dinklage.

It’s an area that has also been used for the Dothraki scenes, so does this mean Tyrion has caught up with Daenerys, or vice versa? Or could it be something else entirely? It could be something as simple as a tower in or around Meereen.

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