1. There were hints about what was to come from the very start. For instance, you probably never thought about Ghost's colour back in the pilot.

Like Jon, Ghost was the runt of the litter. But the more telling thing, knowing what we know now, was Ghost's bright white colour – hinting at Jon's secret Targaryen heritage.

2. And the symbolism of this gruesome scene told us exactly what to expect in Season 1.

A direwolf that was much further south than it should have been, killed by a stag, who itself ended up dead. See what they did there?

3. And later that season we thought Jaime was just being a dick:

I mean, he was being a dick. But he was also bang on the money.

4. Whether this one was intentional or a complete accident, it's no less jarring when you consider what Cersei went through in Season 5.

Karma can be a wonderful thing.

5. One episode after the Red Wedding, Bran told the story of the Rat Cook, and delivered this line:

OK, so we had to wait a few seasons, but thanks to his older sister, it turns out Bran was right.

(source buzzfeed)

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