1. Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Bronn complains to Jaime for a well-deserved raise (he has been mercenary-ing for the Lannisters for free for the past few years), and Jaime echoes the sentiment of the late, great Notorious B.I.G.: the more wealth you accumulate, the harder life is going to be. Later in the episode, we watch Bronn spill his coins and choose to leave them behind rather than risk his life to get them back. Redditor NsRhea points out that in the very last shot, Jaime is literally being drowned by his heavy, golden Lannister armor. Is the idea of casting off wealth and privilege in exchange for life and freedom going to become a common theme for the men on Team Cersei?

2. The Golden Company

Speaking of money, as Cersei and Tycho Nestoris prattle on about sums and interests and arrears, the accountant from the Iron Bank takes the time to name drop the Golden Company. Book readers' ears will have perked up at this one, as they know that the Golden Company is the group of sellswords founded by Aegor Rivers (legitimized bastard of Aegon Targaryen IV). While most sellswords have a reputation for being unreliable, the Golden Company was said to have never broken a contract — that is, until they broke their contract with the free city of Myr in A Feast for Crows for a mysterious and unknown reason. There are 10,000 men in the company along with thousands of horses and elephants. If Cersei winds up enlisting their help, they could wind up being a serious match for the Unsullied or even the Dothraki on the field of battle. But then again, the Golden Company is led by the descendants of Aegon Targaryen, so if they make it over to Westeros, we could be in store for yet another surprise Targaryen reveal.

3. 'Chaos Is A Ladder'

As Arya is quick to challenge Brienne to a duel in the middle of the yard, Bran, too, is eager to show off his special talents to the first person to talk to him. When Littlefinger is trying to pry information out of him about what he's seen north of the Wall, Bran repeats Baelish's own words back to him: "Chaos is a ladder." Does Bran know that it was Littlefinger who sent that assassin to kill him, starting the War of the Five Kings? Almost certainly. The only question is, will Bran snap out of his magic-induced funk long enough to rekindle some pride in his family and take revenge on the most despicable scheming manipulator in Westeros?

4. Field Of Fire

Although the show hasn't addressed this issue, the "Spoils of War" battle sequence was quite the callback to an event in the books, which has been dubbed "the field of fire." It all took place during Aegon's conquer of Westeros, when he fought the Gardeners and the Lannisters, using his dragons to annihilate the Gardeners' army and forcing the Lannisters to bent the knee. The show did use a pretty similar angle to last season's Battle of the Bastards, when we see Bron evading all sorts of dangers — just like Jon did.

"Spoils of War" continued the tradition of the awesome Game of Thrones callbacks, and if the show's taught us anything it's that every single detail makes a difference in the way we understand it. With the shorter two final seasons, Game of Thrones is halfway through its Season 7 already, and next week's preview promises a lot of action coming our way. Check it out:

5. Jon & Dany's Theme?

As Jon and Daenerys enter the cave together, we hear some unfamiliar orchestral music that rises in beautiful major swells, different from the minor chords we're more used to. Could this be our first listen to Jon and Daenerys's theme song?

Nothing in Game of Thrones is ever a coincidence. And the last time Jon Snow was in a cave with a lady — well, you know. Gives a whole new meaning to "bend the knee," doesn't it? Jon may never give up his title as King in the North, but if a Targaryen-Snow marriage (or Nath-style non-marriage relationship) takes place, then he may not have to. All the talk about Missandei and Grey Worm doing "many things," and that romantic torch-lit cave, and Davos pointing out that Jon has been checking out Dany's chest (ew?) feels a bit like being beaten over the head with foreshadowing. The only question now is not will they or won't they, but will Dany and Jon get it on before or after they figure out they're related? (Place your bets in the comments below.)

(source moviepilot)

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