The tough but sultry Andrea, played nicely by Laurie Holden, has many facets, including a hidden vulnerability only a few are allowed to see. Some of Andrea’s best and more heartfelt scenes are with Dale, her father surrogate, and Michonne, her best friend, because it’s when she lets her guard down.

Her hookup with the Governor makes sense, even though it does create major tension with Michonne, who doesn’t trust the big G in any way. Turns out, Michonne’s instincts are validated, but Andrea doesn’t escape. The Governor locks her in a room with a reanimated Woodbury resident, who bites Andrea before she can free herself. Michonne shows up too late, but helps her friend end her life.

As a side note, in the comics, Andrea lives and has a relationship with Rick. The show definitely likes to switch things up.


While Melissa McBride’s Carol dons the short, choppy grey hair to perfection, it’s her piercing blue eyes that keep us completely locked in. She really is an amazing woman.

Carol has had her fair share of woes since the zombie apocalypse. Once a meek, downtrodden woman with a daughter and an abusive husband, the loss of her family eventually turns into the fighter we now know and love. In the last season, she decided she didn’t want to be a killer anymore, so she retreated into her own space, but of course that couldn’t last forever, and now she’s ready to fight for the ones she loves the most.

Speaking of that, we are also still rooting for Carol and Daryl. It’s finally time from them to go for it, don’t you think?


Even though Spencer is an incompetent, thieving weasel, he is still cute as played by Austin Nichols. As one of the sons of Alexandria’s leader, Deanna, Spencer has mostly been sheltered from the horrors of this new world and is ill prepared to handle it.

Then things get worse for Spencer, including watching his entire family die. He ends up blaming Rick for all of it. True, Rick and the gang did bring some chaos to the town, but it was bound to happen anyway. At least he gets some action when he hooks up with Rosita as her rebound guy (after getting dumped by Abraham).

When Negan and the Saviors finally swoops in, Spencer sees an opportunity to undermine Rick and gain control – except it backfires because Negan doesn’t like sneaky, gutless behavior. So, he literally guts Spencer, thus putting an end to any more rebellion in the Alexandrian ranks.


Played by Sarah Wayne Callies, Lori has a very sweet and beautiful way about her. She is a caring mother to son Carl, but she had issues with Rick in their marriage before the apocalypse. When Shane convinces her Rick died from a gunshot wound right before the zombie outbreak, she quickly moves on and starts a relationship with Shane.

Lori’s death, however, really throws us for a loop. When Rick finally reunites with his family, Lori realizes she does still love him, even though she is now pregnant with Shane’s baby. They are going to try again as a family, but Lori’s emergency C-section at the hands of Maggie puts an end to that. Baby Judith survives, but Lori does not.


Dreadlocks never looked so good on a king. Ezekiel‘s distinctive appearance, which actor Khary Payton totally pulls off, presents the perfect Arthurian leader of the Kingdom (even though he used to be a zookeeper). He has managed to keep his community engaged with his kingly theatrics, along with making a deal with the Saviors to provide them with supplies in exchange for being left alone.

But now it’s become apparent that the Kingdom may be in danger if they don’t confront Negan and the Saviors, so Ezekiel is stepping up – and taking his pet tiger, Shiva, with him for extra fighting power. We are just really hoping that tiger survives the war.

Ezekiel also has a little crush on Carol, and some fans are hoping for a romantic link there. We’ll have to wait and see.

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