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20. Rick and Co. Are Actually Terrorizing the World, There Are No Zombies

First theory: Rick and the crew are thrill-killing maniacs roaming the world, justifying their spree by calling everyone a Walker. Fueling this theory is the Season 5 episode in which Tyreese dies. After Tyreese is bitten, he hallucinates as the fever takes hold. He hears the BBC broadcast of widespread attacks. The broadcast, narrated by Andrew Lincoln in his true British accent, details the group’s journey so far. Tyreese is visited by several of the group’s victims, including The Governor.

Second theory: The broadcast is exactly as it was intended; to reflect upon the times Tyreese’s father had him listen to world news, to get a sense of human evil and to not shelter him from it. And his realization that sometimes the good guys are really the bad guys all along.

19. It Was Just All Rick’s Coma Dream

We’ve been watching this crazy world from inside Rick’s fevered brain as he lies in a coma. All of the characters in the world work at the hospital. Hershel’s the doctor. Maggie is a nurse. Daryl is probably a patient in the bed next to Rick’s. Carol is a badass surgeon. The hospital food is worthy of Terminus, etc.

Kirkman debunked the theory on Twitter saying, “Rick is NOT still in a coma. The events of TWD are definitely happening.” But he did fling this fan theory pizza up on the roof about Carl. "He actually NEVER found his family. He’s been crazy since he killed his first zombie. #joking?”

18. Despite Everyone’s Best Efforts, This Is Mankind’s Extinction Event

Turns out CDC doctor Edwin Jenner was correct. The virus that turns humans into zombies is game over for humans. We’re just watching the death spiral of mankind. Rick will last to the bitter end, all alone, the last remnant of man, monologuing into the abyss with a Southern accent.

17. A Cure Is Found - Fat Lot of Good It’ll Do Rick and the Crew

This fan theory states that there is a cure, but it’s just going to take a while to distribute. Getting to all of the survivors may take a while. And then the cure may not fix the issue of when we die, we turn. Redditor MichaeljBerry suggests, “Basically, and I'm thinking in a science fiction way here, long term people would have to get some kind of device implanted in them that fries their brain when their heart stops.” Until then, Rick has Michonne to lop off his head if he dies in his sleep.

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