While it can often feel like longer, due to the way it consumes our lives when it is on, The Walking Dead only actually airs for around four months of the year. That’s a whole lotta time without getting a Dead fix, and while spin-off Fear The Walking Dead is going some way to rectifying that, it’s still not enough.

Thankfully, there are other ways you can keep up with those you enjoy watching every week, and it comes without the risk of them being brutally killed and turned into a zombie. Probably.

The cast of The Walking Dead through the five-and-a-half seasons (to date) has been absolutely huge and varied, and when one person dies another is already there to take their place. Because of this, combined with the show’s popularity, it means that there are a number of actors no longer on the show who have the chance to explore other ventures, including those on the big-screen.

As for the cast who are still living (for now), they don’t have all that much time between filming to go off and make a bunch of movies, and you couldn’t really blame them for just using those breaks to take some well-earned time off. That’s why you won’t find Andrew Lincoln on this list, but a few of the stars have managed to sneak in a film in between trying not to die.

20. Viena And The Fantomes (Jon Bernthal)

A coming-of-age tale repackaged with punk trappings, Viena and the Fantomes will follow Dakota Fanning’s titular character (she’s Viena, not a Fantome), as a roadie who travels around North America with a punk band during the 1980s, beginning a journey of self-discovery in the process.

Joining Bernthal (who of course played Shane on The Walking Dead) and Fanning in the cast are Zoe Kravitz, Evan Rachel Wood, and Frank Dillane (who himself as a TWD connection, appearing in spin-off Fear The Walking Dead).

Release Date: TBA

19. Keep Watching (Chandler Riggs)

Bella Thorne (Scream: The TV Series) and Ioan Gruffudd (the slightly less terrible Fantastic Four films) will star alongside CAAARRRRLLLLLL, sorry, Chandler Riggs, in this horror, which will be directed by Sean Carter.

It’ll focus on a dysfunctional family who must fight for their lives when faced with home invaders, who play a life-and-death game with them over the course of the night.

Release Date: TBA

18. The Happys (Melissa McBride)

The Happys, an indie from first-time writers/directors Tom Gould and John Serpe, will star Amanda Bauer as Tracy, a young midwestern woman who finds her boyfriend (Jack DePew) in bed with another man. She moves to LA to find out what she actually wants to do with her life.

McBride will play her talent manager, with Janeane Garofalo (Wet Hot American Summer) and Rhys Ward (The Returned) also among the supporting cast.

Release Date: TBA

17. Middle Man (Josh McDermitt)

Funded through Kickstarter, with the $150,000 target met thanks to over 800 backers, this is described as being “violent comedy starring Jim O’Heir [Parks and Rec] as a hapless comic who gets tangled in a killing spree on a roadtrip to Vegas.”

Written and directed by Ned Crowley, it features not one but two of The Walking Dead cast. There’s Josh McDermitt, currently doing little and getting in the way a lot as Eugene, and also Andrew J. West, who was the villainous Gareth in Season 5.

Release Date: TBA

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