1. Jon and Arya

They’ve both been through so much, and it’ll be amazing to see these super-close siblings together again.

2. Sansa and Arya

Sansa’s affectionate response to Brienne’s story of Arya in Season 6, and Arya’s emotions at seeing “Sansa” in the play in Braavos gave us a taste of what will be an epic reunion.

3. Jon and Bran

The last time Jon saw Bran, he was an unconscious little boy. Now he’s been hit with the puberty stick and become the Three-Eyed Raven, holding the secret to Jon’s identity.

4. Jon and Benjen

If the Wall comes down as many suspect it will, or Jon somehow ends up beyond the Wall again, he and Benjen will get the chance to meet up and bond over being undead.

5. Arya and Nymeria

Getting her direwolf back could help Arya embrace her Stark-ness once again and perhaps even start to heal – or at least give her a ferocious ally in her quest for vengeance. But given the show’s treatment of the direwolves in Season 6, maybe this is one onscreen reunion we shouldn’t hope for.

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