1. Noah Killed by Nicholas, who Doesn't Know How Revolving Doors Work

Noah, who saved Beth and was a solid addition to the group, gets torn apart by walkers because Nicholas is awful. Glenn has to watch.

2. Dale Horvath Killed by Carl's Neglected River Walker

Carl couldn’t have known that taunting and then leading a walker to Hershel’s farm would get Dale killed. Still, he should have known better! Poor Dale, who’s been the mentor and voice of reason, gets his insides pulled out by the walker and has to be mercy killed by Daryl. “Sorry, brother" indeed.

3.T-Dog Saves Carol from a Walker Herd, Sacrifices Himself

As the prison is overrun, T-Dog attempts to shut them out but gets bit at the fence. He and Carol are caught in the dark prison, running from a herd of walkers. T-Dog gruesomely gives his life to save Carol. Miss you, T-Dog!

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