1.The Red Wedding.

In the book- As per the book, to avoid chaos at Edmure Tully and Roslyn Frey’s wedding, Rob’s wife Jeyne Westerling prefers to stay at Riverrun. Westerling and Robb failed to conceive. The Iron Throne forgives Westering and is guarded by soldiers for two years to assure of the fact that Robb has not been given an heir.
On the Show- Talisa Maegyr from Volantis is Robb’s wife on the show. She gets pregnant on the show and even accompanies Robb to the Red Wedding where she gets slaughtered with everyone else.

2.Lady Stoneheart.

In the book- Catelyn is revitalized by Beric Dondarrion, a disciple of the Lord of Light after she gets killed in the Red Wedding. He swaps his life for Catelyn. She then turns into a zombie-like creature that cannot speak and is known as Lady Stoneheart after that. She is inclined towards revenge and plans to execute Brienne of Tarth.On the show- She dies when Catelyn dies. The fans got deprived of Lady Stoneheart plot.

3.Fake Arya/Sansa/Ramsay Bolton.

In the book- Lannisters uses Jeyne Poole to settle an association with Boltons. They pretend her to be Arya Stark, and she is made to marry the vicious Ramsay Bolton. But, Bolton knows her reality. Bolton locks her in a tower and torments her. She cried so loudly that she could be heard through Winterfell. Theon and Mance Rayder later help her escape.On the show- The real Sansa Stark gets engaged to Ramsay in Season 5.

4.The Fate of Mance Rayder.

In the book- Mance Rayder was to be executed by Stannis as per his plans for not bending the knee. Rayder and Melisandre plan to disguise him as “Rattleshirt”, a wildling. Mance then goes on to rescue Jeyne Poole whom he thinks to be Arya Stark. But in the end, Mance gets seized and becomes a hostage.On the Show- Stannis executes Mance, and there is no spell that saved him from so.

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