1. When Ned was killed.

"I think the moment Eddard dies is when you realise that everyone is mortal here. I mean, in what other show does the main character die in the first season?" —hannahcanela

2. When Daenerys ate a raw horse heart.

"When Dany ate the horse heart to prove her power and worth to her husband. My first thought was what a badass queen!" —maggies4634c002c

3. When Melisandre had a murderous shadow baby.

"When Melisandre pushed a demon out of her babyhole." —melissajasso

4. When The Mountain killed his horse.

"When The Mountain cut his horse's head off. Scared me so bad." —rowenal3

5. When Cersei ordered Lady's death.

"I wanted to kill the Lannisters the second Cersei demanded Lady be put down in Nymeria's place. Die, jerk!" —Becky Martin, Facebook

6. When Khal Drogo killed Viserys.

"Viserys' death was crazy to me. It set the precedent very early on for how gruesome the show would be."

(source buzzfeed)

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