1. Ned Stark says, “On second thought, let’s not go to King’s Landing. ‘Tis a silly place.” The Stark family then lives on forever.
2. Drogo learns about the wonders of Neosporin and maybe lives instead of dying from being too macho.
3. Jon Snow and Ygritte actually do stay in that cave and eventually die of too much sex.
4. Varys puts out a “Seriously, Don’t Trust Littlefinger” PSA, saving countless lives.
5. Cersei drunkenly binge-watches Pretty Little Liars and starts sending threatening texts to Margaery signed “A.”
6. Ned Stark starts using dad jokes on his daughters, including “Arya coming with me or not?” and “You’re not making any Sansa!”
7. Littlefinger is magically transported to Baltimore, Maryland, where he runs for mayor.

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